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Putnam County Library Storyteller
Marcia Donovan Deliver Stories to Your Site

For more information or to schedule Marcia, call the Library at 931-528-3636
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About Marcia

Marcia has been a professional storyteller since 1984. Marcia has been Putnam County Library Storyteller since 1988. She holds Tennessee K-3 certification, has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and has 15 years pre-school and remedial teaching experience. Marcia is a member of the Tennessee Storytelling Association (TSA) and the National Storytelling Association (NSA). She has been a TAC Roster Artist since 1993 and was an Artist in Residence in Putnam County fourth grades 1993-99. She has been Storytelling Artist in Residence with Pacesetters developmentally disabled adults since 2000.

Marcia has presented storytelling workshops at TN Storytelling Assn. conferences, Governor's Academy for Teachers of Writing, local teacher in-services and community groups. Workshops below can be adapted for adults or students to 2 hr, half day or full day formats. Customized workshops also available upon request.


Preschool - Grade 1

Take Off with Mother Goose: Explore the value of using rhymes to foster literacy and the appreciation of literature and visual arts as they learn/remember 12 classic rhymes with accompanying multidisciplinary activities. Participants will also develop a plan for regular presentation of nursery rhymes in their own classrooms.

Kindergarden - Grade 4

Boo to You: Songs and stories of skeletons, spirits and jack-o-lanterns are just scary enough.

Sitting Down to Eat: The issue of cooperation vs. selfishness is presented in songs and stories from around the world, which include “Stone Soup” from France and “The Enormous Turnip” from Russia.

Kindergarden - Grade 6

Unlikely Heroes: An exploration of Cherokee culture through stories of Groundhog, Turtle and Possum.

Kindergarden - Grade 8

Create a Story!: Discover that you are already a storyteller. Participants will learn why they should tell stories, how to learn and tell stories, where to find stories to tell and activities to complement the story. They will also gain experience in creating and telling several stories.

Gung Hay Fat Choy: Students learn how the Chinese New Year animals were chosen and other aspects of Chinese culture through classic folktales like “Cat and Rat” and “Lon Po Po”.

Hats Off: The life and legends of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in song and story for Presidents Day or any day.

The Original Spiderman: Anansi the Spider stories of the origins of the moon and the spread of stories in the world expose students to the cultures of West Africa, where ancestors of many Black Americans came from.

Round the World: Folktales and Fables to Enrich Your Curriculum through the Arts: Learn to tell folktales to present curriculum content and evaluate learning.

Tell It!: Performance Games to Teach Storytelling: Play theater games of voice, fluency, movement to learn storytelling.

What on Earth! Teaching Environmental Concepts through Storytelling: Use Storytelling across the curriculum to enhance and enrich the teaching of environmental concepts.

Wiley Coyote: Explore some of the Native American cultures of the Southwest through tales of the trickster Coyote, who flung the stars into the sky but also has time to rescue Mouse from Rattlesnake.

Grades 4 - 12

Born on a Mountaintop: The life and legends of Davy Crockett in song and story.

Rocky Top: Tennessee frontier life in story and song.

Workin on the Railroad: The story of the railroad’s impact on American culture through the ballads of Casey Jones and John Henry.

Grades 5 - 12

Backyard Ghosts: Middle Tennessee boasts tales of the murderous Brassell Brothers of Baxter, the Bell Witch of Adams, Railroad Ghost of Algood and Crazy George’s Bridge in Monterey. Ballads and stories present the facts and the mystery.

Cookeville High School

"Abiyoyo": With voice, guitar and unique percussion instruments Marcia blends music and story for a fresh look at the world. Audiences sing along and help in the telling during 30-45 minute programs.